Successful Speakers Create Quality Member Learning Experiences

Speaking at a NACUFS learning event is both an honor and responsibility.  We see your contribution as helping to create quality learning experiences for collegiate foodservice professionals.  Successful educational programming – whether offered at a NACUFS conference or small workshop – has the potential to extend its reach beyond your immediate audience to dining staff back on campuses across the country.

Your success as a speaker translates into learning value for our members.  For that reason, we have developed a speaker guide and on-line video micro-lessons to support your success. These tools are based on years of learning research and experience, and are designed specifically for you to deliver a great session to your learners.

Added Bonus: Because these skills are transferrable, you’ll be able to use these tools for any learning opportunity or business presentation you lead for NACUFS or elsewhere.

Speaker Guide

The guide will provide a valuable starting point for understanding adult learners, organizing content, developing effective materials, preparing handouts, and delivering a successful learning experience. Also find out about how NACUFS learners will evaluate you and your session. Click the image below to download the Speaker Guide.


Video Micro-Lessons on Learning - Available 24/7

These short videos complement the material in the speaker guide and provide speakers with quick access to information and tools for success:

Call for Proposals Webinar

On October 9, 2018, NACUFS staff delivered a complimentary webinar to educate individuals on the NACUFS annual call for proposals process and how to submit an effective proposal. Key takeaways include gaining knowledge and skills to: identify a topic relevant to your campus dining peers; define your intended audience; craft a simple, yet meaningful, learning objective; describe your strengths; and create a session title that will draw interest in your session. The webinar is available for viewing here. Note: You may need to download related software to view the webinar. Please visit the webinar link for more information.


NACUFS current learning strategy is focused on the consistent delivery of relevant and high quality content for collegiate foodservice professionals. To that end, NACUFS is providing training and development to subject-matter-experts (e.g., speakers) who lead NACUFS learning opportunities.